Bayshore Truck & Auto a full-service repair shop
July 25, 2018


Whenever Charlie Porter sees a customer walk into Bayshore Truck & Auto Service at 6371 Bayshore Road, it's like he's seeing an old friend.

That's because it very likely is.

The business opened in 2006 and has become the go-to place for many people in the area for simple maintenance, engine rebuilds and everything in between.

That work has earned Bayshore Truck & Auto a "Best of North Fort Myers" award for auto repair, to go with its award for "Best Transmission Service" in 2016.

The "Best of" awards are a reader's choice ballot recognition program sponsored by The Neighbor.

Porter said when they bought the place, it wasn't really meant to become an auto repair place.

"We had a little fastener business and we needed a place for a storefront, so we bought this in hopes the trucking business that was here would maintain it," Porter said. "But that was in 2007 and the economy changed our plans."

Porter diversified into auto repair and was able to get through the hard times. As people weren't buying new cars but rather maintaining the old ones they had, that was a good thing.

Porter said he sold the fastener business in February.

Bayshore Truck & Auto is a full-service repair shop that will perform nearly any kind of work needed except for body damage.

They will do transmissions, brakes, engines, oil changes, tire repair, basically everything a car or truck needs, Porter said, at rates that are at or better than the competitors.

The key to success, Porter, said, it an appreciation of his customers, many of whom have gone to him for years.

"Our main thrust is customer satisfaction and making the customer feel welcome and comfortable and important," said Porter, who employs nine full-time people. "Our customers are more like friends."

It has also become a family affair. Charlie's son, Clay, came to work with him last year after more than 30 years as a trucker.

"He called and told me that something was calling him to come with me. That thrilled me to death and he came," Charlie said.

"I was raising a family and I did a lot of local driving, with nine years going all over the place," Clay said. "The people here makes it a great place to come and work."

The shop runs some specials with a coupon such as a free tire rotation with an oil change and free inspections of the air conditioning and electrical system provided they do the repair work. Be sure to check to see what specials are available.

Bayshore Truck & Auto Service is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday. Porter joked that they have a sign that says they're closed for lunch, but that the sign doesn't work.

For more information, call 731-6868.


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