Civic cleans up Old 41
March 20, 2019


A sign on the southbound side of N. Tamiami Trail just past Littleton Road says "Adopt A Road," with a smaller sign that says "North Fort Myers Civic Association."

The civic association, in exchange of having that sign there, is responsible for going out several times a year to clean garbage off the side of the road.

On Saturday, more than a dozen group members gathered behind the old Tastee Freeze near the Old 41Pine Island Road intersection, armed with trash bags, trash grabbers, rubber gloves and reflective vests for a morning of sprucing up from Pine Island Road to Littleton Road.

Kim Tester was put in charge of the cleanup crew, and said that the Civic Association adopted Old 41 from Littleton to the bridge, a two-year contract between the county and the Florida Dept. of Transportation. As Old 41 is a state road, the group has to go through the FDOT.

"This is the first time we've cleaned the road in a while. We have a team together, we'll pick sides and pick up all the trash," Tester said. "Our contract just ran out last month, as we're trying to get it going again."

The Civic Association has been part of the Adopt-A-Road program for years. Former president Gregg Makepeace got the group involved years ago. It is free to join, but you must do your part to clean up four times a year.

Making the job a little more difficult was the fact it rained on and off all morning. Two groups started at opposite ends on the northbound and southbound sides as well as the median, and met in the middle.

The FDOT supplied the Civic Associa-tion with all the supplies they needed, as well as orange warning signs to tell drivers that work is being done on the road.

"All we need to do is show up," Tester said as Civic Association members started by cleaning the parking lot they met at.


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